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Android --- attack Showcase general public car machine Reviews
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Exon, Extra! Things to create big data era, art exhibition person Sword Andrews car machine! Yes, this retro beach full of old newsboy cries announced the car machine evaluation period protagonist - Showcase Volkswagen Universal Andrews car machine. All along, the art exhibition with its excellent product quality and consistently good attitude wince car machine has accumulated a large number of loyal users, but this Andrews car machine launch, let us see the Art Exhibition "and forge ahead" side. As one of the details, follow me, come on!

Early in known as "the first year after the car networking market" in 2012, a certain large coffee in the field once predicted that in this era of highly developed Internet, closed wince vehicle computer system is distinctive, open and inclusive Andrews car machine is replaced by the trend. But the reality is that Andrews car machine due to its own system instability, expensive Internet tariffs and other number of reasons, has been showing a "praised" the embarrassing situation. After a long period of time to study and explore, many manufacturers all show supernatural powers. The Showcase Andrews car machine garden born to prove safety of the Volkswagen brand, quite a bit, "Decade of grinding frost edge" flavor.

Comprehensive Review

    Based Showcase reputation in the field of machine wince car, I expect the mood to hold nuclear Building Showcase Office in Guangzhou to participate in the evaluation of media activities. Evaluation before the start, I said to the staff, in fact, very early art exhibition organized research efforts on Android car machine technology research, but at every step of adhering to the attitude, did not rush to let the market. Until today, art exhibition accumulated enough technical foundation, we launched this consumer confidence to accept any inspection Andrews car machine.

core value

The value of one: Do It Yourself

From the exterior, public art exhibition Universal car machine main panel inherited the family classic red and black colors match, while the 8-inch high-definition capacitive screen occupies almost the entire field of view, very domineering. After the familiar VW logo splash screen, the car machine UI main interface gives the author the first surprise. It has two different styles of the depth of customization through the main interface for the owners choose. The first main Fan Art: navigation, discs, music, radio, clock function in these five large lump icon occupies two-thirds of the display layout, and other functions are integrated with a schematic left, the overall feeling like looking at the window of an old photo, unusual warmth. The second is taking the youth flying routes: Place the main page what features and functions of the position of the icon can be self-personalization, the DIY spirit to the limit. Long press function icon drag through the Page Setup button to decide the fate of any of these features, and the car itself is built dozens of machine beautiful wallpaper and live wallpaper. I fully put into it as a jigsaw puzzle, trying all possible combinations patchwork that staff face filled with "You're Virgo" look.

Value II: a hit in

    Speaking of Android, we might first think of is that the mass use of APP, in order to weather the impact of the huge data stream live moments Andrews, art exhibition is that the car is equipped with a powerful hardware lineup, including the 1.2GHz frequency Cortex A9 dual-core processor, 1GB DDR3 memory. The author in the process of switching multiple program deeply felt the benefits of this "big heart" brings. And on Android system Why so many programs running in the background problem, a Google engineer very humorously replied, that's andriod! Of course, after the humor, practical issues still need to be properly addressed. In order to get rid of the many annoying program Andrews system background to run automatically, art exhibition for the development of a Ctrl + Alt + Del referred to as "task manager" big kill (if there is a Microsoft chaos into Google, that as the flu). Point to open it, and all programs and occupancy ratio of CPU operation at a glance, just press "a button Clear" button, and instantly clean the whole world.  

Value three: belong classic use their Showtime

    An excellent car machine, regardless of how insights in innovation, and never let go of the optimization of the use of many traditional features. The Volkswagen Showcase is so universal car engine. One of the core functions of car navigation, equipped with genuine Kay Rucker navigation map, and updated in real time through 3G network. And an AM / FM channels and can support multiple collection stations to close search functions. Owners can also make calls using voice assistant, anycast songs after 3G network can even ask it to give you a story! As Bluetooth Internet, WIFI hotspot, calendar and other functions are quite mature.

Play car appraisal

    In fact, an assessment down, public art exhibition Universal Andrews car machine to the author left the deepest impression not that overwhelmed the APP application but who art exhibition for the development of the user experience-oriented attitude - car machine various user-friendly features so I put it down, I believe it will soon be able to have a big ticket fans in the market.

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